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Acoat Selected - United Kingdom

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Acoat Selected - United Kingdom

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Acoat Selected is AkzoNobel's business development program for our Sikkens brand customers.

Whether you're looking to grow your business or improve day-to-day operations, the Sikkens Acoat Selected program offers the consulting services, management training, financial benchmarking, coaching and networking you need to give your business a boost.

Insurance companies, vehicle owners, fleet administrators and other work providers trust Acoat Selected shops. With the support of AkzoNobel, your business will achieve excellence that customers recognize and return to.

For further information about how Acoat Selected works and the benefits to your business please contact the Acoat Services Team:

Bobby McConville, Services Manager –  +44 (0)7785 772514

Robbie Murphy, Business Consultant –  +44 (0)7785 772501

John Galbraith, Business Consultant –  +44 (0)7768 644671